Manako Kawatou
Manako (C)
Name in Japanese: 河東 真奈子
Romaji Translation: Kawatou Manako
Appears in: Manga , Anime
Voice Actor: Saki Ogasawara
Personal Info
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Occupation: Student (Seikyou Academy)
Year Level: Second Year, Middle School

She is a student of Seikyou Academy and is one of Momoe Okonogi's friends in school. She is famous alongside Hitomi Nishikawa as the Eyeball Combo.

Unlike Hitomi, she has very few actual appearances in the story.



  • She had a "strange reaction" when in the presence of Nao Yasunaga, who was revealed as a lesbian to the reader. What Manako's strange reaction means hasn't been explained to the reader, but could be easily described as extreme embarrassment.

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