Tasogare Otome × Amnesia
Volume 01
Manga vol1 cover
Date of Release September 29, 2009
ISBN Numbers ISBN 978-4-7575-2655-6
Number of Pages 172 pages
Next Volume Volume 02

The first volume of the Tasogare Otome × Amnesia manga series covers the pilot manga "Maiden's Heart and Evening's Sky" and Teiichi Niiya's first batch of cases with Yuuko in the Paranormal Investigation Club.

Publisher's Summary

Just like in one of the ghost stories in Seikyou Academy, a ghost named Yuuko appears from behind a boy named Teiichi. The girl usually stays at the school's shadow, a victim of an enigmatic demise.

In order to know the truth, Yuuko and Teiichi form the Paranormal Investigation Club.

Chapter List

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