Momoe Okonogi (小此木 ももえ, Okonogi Momoe) is a second-year junior high school student of Seikyou Academy and a member of the Third Newspaper Club. She stumbled upon one of the Seven Mysteries of Seikyou Academy and eventually becomes an informal member of the Paranormal Investigation Club. She is a great fan of ghost stories and mysteries, to the point she usually pushes the club to get involved with them.


She has the habit of speaking rather politely even to people she should be more informal to (such as people in her same grade), in some cases she even addresses underclassmen in such respectful tone. She respects Niiya not only because he is brave but he is also nice. She also has feelings for Teiichi Niiya.


Hidden Demon

Momoe's first contact with the Paranormal Investigation Club is during her involvement in a secret game called Hidden Demon, which would later be discovered as one of the Seven Wonders of Seikyou Academy. She played Hidden Demon with the intent of breaking the chain created when players of the game were unable to end the game, but she finds herself unable to end the game due to losing an important object in the game. In fear of her own life, she asks help from the newly-formed club, and Teiichi reluctantly accepts her case as the club's first.

Yuuko suggested to give her a handmade charm for the meantime (although it is merely a fake), and she suspected that Momoe ended up hypnotizing herself into believing the reality of the game. With this observation, Teiichi decides to break this fantasy of hers and, using Yuuko's nature as a ghost, pretended to purify the spirit that is supposed to be tracking her down.

In Later Events

Momoe is later appointed as the Third Newspaper Club's president, replacing the previous president Sasaha Sahara, who graduated at the end of the school year.


  • Her first name might have many meanings due to being written in hiragana characters. On the other hand, her surname literally means "this little tree".
  • Momoe in the anime series is attributed to cats, and is often seen owning things with a cat motif, including her notebook and bento box.
  • In the anime, she read through Yuuko and Teiichi's letters to each other, which shocked the couple who had forgotten that they wrote them in her notebook.