Reiko Asou
Reiko Profile
Name in Japanese: 朝生 零子
Romaji Translation: Asou Reiko
Manga Debut: Chapter 15: I'm Back
Appears in: Manga
Personal Info
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Occupation: Student (Seikyou Academy)
Year Level: Second Year (2-A), Middle School
Affiliation/s: Unknown affiliation

A second year student, she actively spread the rumor of Yuuko Kirishima being the same as the ghost "Yuuko-san", causing Kirishima to be ostracized from the class. She did so because she resented Kirishima, whose beauty managed to charm Sumiya Mega, Asou's unrequited love.

This will come to haunt her later though, as Yuuko Kirishima would orchestrate bullying directed towards her, putting the blame on "Yuuko-san's wrath".

After the whole "Yuuko-san" deal was put behind, she seemed to be in good terms with Yuuko Kirshima.


  • Due to her fear of "Yuuko" she was able to see Yuuko Kanoe temporarily; however as the catalyst was fear, whatever she saw as "Yuuko" seemed to be quite frightening.

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