Sasaha Sahara
Sasaha Profile
Name in Japanese: 佐原 笹葉
Romaji Translation: Sahara Sasaha
Manga Debut: Chapter 08: The Six Year Sakura, Part 1
Appears in: Manga
Personal Info
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Occupation: Student (Seikyou Academy)
Year Level: Third Year, Middle School
Affiliation/s: Third Newspaper Club (President)

Sasaha Sahara (佐原 笹葉, Sahara Sasaha) is a third-year middle school student of Seikyou Academy and the president of the Third Newspaper Club.

Her knowledge of many details in the school, most especially information relating to the paranormal, allows her to become a necessary asset to the Paranormal Investigation Club, and she helps in a few cases until her graduation, wherein Momoe Okonogi takes over her position as the Third Newspaper Club's president.


  • "From the latest news to the most secret information! I've got anything you need! I'm the Third Newspaper Club President, Sasaha Sahara!" (Chapter 9, page 8)

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