Name in Japanese: 優斗
Romaji Translation: Yuuto
Manga Debut: Chapter 01: Yuuko
Appears in: Manga
Personal Info
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Occupation: Student (Seikyou Academy)
Year Level: First Year (1-C), Middle School
Affiliation/s: Unknown affiliation

Yuuto (優斗, Yuuto) is a student of Seikyou Academy's middle school, enrolled in Class 1-C. He is the classmate of both Teiichi Niiya and Haruka Yoshizawa. He and Haruka enrolled in the same grade school and have been childhood friends until middle school, when Yuuto becomes "too busy" due to club activities.

From time to time he is usually seen showing his outgoing personally and can easily speak familiarly with Niiya. In a flashback he is shown calling Yoshizawa "Haruka", however by the time he is introduced he only calls her by her last name, fact which might hint that their relationship is not as close now as it was in grade school.


  • Yuuto, like Haruka, originally came from Maybe's adult comic Summer Maiden, which is part of the Mankai Otome story collection (this is a "rated +18" early work from Maybe).
  • Yuuto shares a similarly-sounding name with the primary male protagonist of the Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu light novel series, Yuuto Ayase.

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